Hey, girl! I’m so glad you’re here! I’m Mikhaila, a Certified Holistic Wellness Coach focused on self-love and care.  I’m an island girl from Bermuda, currently living in Bristol, UK.  I love the ocean (as you can imagine), I’m a plant mama to many, I really like baking cupcakes, lifting weights, the occasional Netflix binge, and I strongly believe pizza is one of God’s greatest creations.  I have a Masters Degree in Psycho-Social Studies and have always been drawn to helping people in one way or another.  Even as a kid I absolutely LOVED going to my grandparents’ house and helping them with whatever I possibly could.  It was fun for me, plus making them happy made me happy!  Community service was a big thing for me too.  Naturally, during and following my studies I’ve worked with a wide range of people from at-risk youth, to adults with dementia, young people with autism, learning disabilities and everything in between.  Initially, working as a Support Worker and Health Care Assistant was so rewarding, fulfilling and even though it could be challenging at times, I truly LOVED my job.  Then one day something happened. I felt like absolute crap. There’s no other way to explain it. Something clicked and made me realise I was totally and completely burnt out.  I had zero energy at work, my  weight was the highest it had ever been, my anxiety had worsened and I’d been put on prescriptions for it, my sleep pattern didn’t exist, I was mid-battle with doctors for a pain diagnosis, I was tiptoeing around some toxic relationships...




So many things had gotten out of control, but it didn’t happen overnight. I came to realise I was getting hit with all the consequences of spending YEARS taking care of everyone and everything else, and not taking care of me.  I’d always heard “You can’t pour from an empty cup” but it never really made sense to me.  Suddenly it did and I knew I had work to do.  I started to place boundaries around my job, quit spending time and energy on toxic relationships, got consistent with an exercise program that I loved, started making time to do the things I enjoy and everything started falling into place.  I lost 30lbs, I was actually sleeping through the night for the first time in 10 years, I came off the anxiety medication, I had so much more energy, life felt FUN and I even made some pretty awesome friends along the way.  

All the twists and turns of this journey pointed me toward my true passion and purpose to help  other women who are feeling stuck in the position I was in and support them through their glow up.  Now I’m a Wellness Coach and I do just that!  As women, most of us are taught and expected from young to be strong, independent, take care of family, develop a solid career, be polite, smile...the list goes on.  What we aren’t properly taught is the importance of self-care, boundaries, stress management, and how there’s SO MUCH MORE to being healthy than just diet and exercise.  The way we’re able to take care of so much is truly a beautiful thing,  but the truth is we simply can’t do that if we aren’t FIRST caring for ourselves.  Old habits die hard and I know it can be tough to figure out what changes you need to make to get out of your own way and start living your best life. THAT'S where I come in!  Are you ready?