Go from giving the best parts of you to everyone else, to filling yourself up with love, light and energy...

...AND having extra to share!


During this 8 week group coaching program, I’m going to walk you through step by step how to go from giving the best parts of you to everyone else, to filling yourself up with love and having extra to share!

You will have weekly personal 1:1 coaching sessions with me, as well as the support of the other women on this experience with you.  What’s better than glowing up together? We will tackle everything from your mindset, movement, the food that fuels you, your relationships and more! You will also receive a toolkit with blueprints, journal prompts and worksheets to help you work through each step and track your progress.




Are you stuck in the place of thinking you have to take care of everything else and then squeeze in some time for you with what’s left? In this step, we’ll come to understand how depriving yourself is NOT HELPFUL! We always hear “you can’t pour from an empty cup” but how likely are we to live by this because we don’t truly understand what that means? Let’s unpack this and get comfortable with it.

You’ll learn:

  • The #1 reason you’re constantly running on “E” no matter how much sleep you get or how much coffee you drink

  • How to quit stealing your own energy so you wake up ready to BOSS your day

Toolkit includes:

  • Customised journal prompts to support you in bringing awareness to your starting point

  • Downloadable guided meditation to help you open up to your brand new wellness journey

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"I’m so grateful for this course! I’m in a much better position to take care of myself.  I’m listening to myself more, delving into things that I enjoy and really interest me, and I’m better at sitting with my thoughts and processing everything."





Do you value the hustle and working hard and going ALL out ALL the time, until the thing is done or until that goal is achieved?  Rest is so often overlooked when it comes to our overall health, wellbeing and even immunity. It’s a necessary gift we need to be willing and ready to receive.  It’s so common for us to keep going and going until we burnout. What’s something you enjoy doing that always gets put on the backburner because you’re gifting all your free time to everyone else? Not ALL your leftover time should be up for grabs.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Schedule downtime in your diary without that nagging guilt, no matter what your schedule looks like

  • Gift free time to yourself so you can feel recharged even at your busiest

  • Prioritise sleep as your chief source of happiness so you’re less snappy throughout the day

  • Maximise the effects of the amount of sleep you’re already getting

Toolkit includes:

  • Journal Prompt worksheet to break open the way you think about rest

  • My “Ready for Sleep” exercise sheet to help your body make the most of the time you’re asleep

  • My favourite DIY body scrub recipe for a simple, effective at home spa treatment




Do you spend all your time making sure everyone else is taken care of ahead of yourself? Partner? Children? Parents? Colleagues? Acquaintances you just have to tolerate?  In this step we’ll take a deeper look into the relationships we invest our time in, as well as prioritise the importance of the relationship we have with ourselves.

You will:

  • Get clear on where you’re currently spending your time and energy so you can finally stop wondering where the heck it went

  • Create a time budget where the relationship with yourself is TOP priority

  • Master your self-talk so you can start treating yourself like you would your best friend

Toolkit includes:

  • Journal Prompt worksheet to help you notice your thinking patterns surrounding relationships

  • My easy to use Relationship Inventory Blueprint to support you in stock-checking your current relationships


"For me, the 1:1 coaching sessions were the best part. The check-in voice-notes and messages between sessions were beneficial as well. I always felt listened to. Being able to talk things through with Mikhaila helped me to really process why I was struggling so much."





Have you ever noticed how the food you eat affects how you feel?

Whether it looks like eating our feelings, eating “what’s there”, or even avoiding food altogether, our relationship with food can be linked to our relationship with ourselves.  Here you will come to understand the importance of feeding your body and mind with intention, and without guilt.  Every relationship needs a degree of effort to thrive. 

You’ll learn how to:

  • Value the time you take to prepare and eat your food

  • Recognise your feelings when you reach to eat something 

  • Eat for the energy you’ve been craving

Toolkit includes:

  • Journal Prompts to support you with recognising the way you already think about food

  • My Mindful Food Tracking Journal 

  • Cheat Sheet: Eating for a Healthy Lifestyle (without depriving yourself of your favs!)




Ever do exercises that you freakin' hate JUST because it burns calories? I bet you end up feeling stuck, demotivated and unable to commit to moving your body.  Movement, when done out of love for ourselves, can help trapped emotions to flow.  It gives us access to all those feel-good hormones too!  Let’s get to know what kind of movement you enjoy and put the focus there so that you can move in a way that leaves you feeling happy and energised.

You will:

  • Learn how to use endorphins as a natural painkiller

  • Understand why moving your body will ADD to your energy levels

  • Be able to reframe the way you think about exercise

Toolkit includes:

  • Journal Prompts to support you in reframing the way you think about moving your body

  • Cheat Sheet: 7 Sneaky Ways to Add 1000 Extra Steps to Your Day

  • Build Your Own Workout Video with exercises you can do anytime, anywhere

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"I could immediately connect to many of the modules - particularly the mindset and relationships modules and found the weekly coaching sessions inspiring and motivating for me to reflect on progress I’d made, have a partner to keep me accountable and grow on my wellness journey."





“New you, who ‘dis?”  In this final step we’ll reflect on the pain we were in at the start.  All these steps have given us the power to be able to include ourselves in our life purpose. Presence to our own needs leads to fulfillment in so many other aspects of our lives. Pouring into the relationship with ourselves will make all our other relationships flow. Here we will gather the tools to continue choosing ourselves moving forward.

You will:

  • Be able to shift from pity to gratitude in any situation

  • Be more aware of the signals your body gives you

  • Develop a plan to keep choosing you moving forward (guilt-free too!)

Toolkit includes:

  • Journal prompts guiding you to celebrate your wins so far

  • My “I AM” Affirmations Printable so you can remind yourself that you’re a boss queen when you need a little boost (we all do sometimes...we’re human after all!)



PLUS you'll get all these fun bonuses too:

  • Mindful Eating Shopping List

  • 1 Class at Streaker’s Spin Studio Bermuda

  • Whatsapp Support for the duration of the program 

  • Lifetime Access to Private Facebook Community Support Group 

  • Personalised check-ins between each of your 1:1 coaching calls