Hey there! I wanted my first blog post to be short, sweet and fun so without further ado here are 9 FUN FACTS you didn't know about me...but now you do.

  1. My favourite colour is black, and yes it is a colour. Case, closed.

  2. I've officially lost track of how many plants I own.

  3. My favourite thing to snack on is popcorn. Get your own bowl, I'm not sharing!

  4. I love strength training! Catch me lifting weights, slowly but surely turning myself into a TANK.

  5. I believe that pizza and all other cheesy things are blessings sent from heaven.

  6. I've made eye contact with a lion before and he winked at me! #spiritanimal

  7. I really enjoy baking and some of my best childhood memories involve licking the spoon!

  8. I love burning candles and watching the flame dance.

  9. I don't think anything beats the sound of a good thunderstorm!

Lots of Love,

Mikhaila x

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