From COVID & Chill, to Lockdown 2.0...

On the last day of October, I hosted my very first "COVID & Chill" workshop to talk about managing stress and anxiety during this weird time where we are heading into the colder, darker months with a whole pandemic still running around. After the workshop, later that evening (which also happened to be Halloween AND a Blue Moon) here in the UK the Prime Minister announced that we'd be going back into lockdown. Weirdly perfectly timed.

I've heard from a few of the attendees that the workshop has been really helpful, especially for working from home. We saw from the first lockdown that our overall mental health and wellbeing can take a hit when we have to stay at home and maintain most of our relationships over the phone, when we have to work and live in the same space, when we have to find creative ways to stay active because the gym is closed, when we are forced to spend much more time with our thoughts than we're used to.

One of the most important tips I shared that day was to create boundaries between your work and home life.

That could look like logging off right on time rather than doing extra since you've got nowhere to go. It could look like taking a full hour rather than just the 20 minutes it takes to actually eat your lunch so that you've got time to go for a walk and get some fresh air too. It could look like turning off your work phone and email notifications at 6pm. Whatever a good boundary is for you, do THAT thing. It'll help train your mind to shift from work mode to chill mode more easily. No one wants to take their work stress into their personal time. Give yourself the best chance possible with some personalised boundaries! If you need some extra support with managing your stress and your time in these weird times, drop me a message on my contact form. I'd be happy to hear from you and I'm ready to help. 😁

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