I used to hate this.

Updated: May 20, 2021

*Trigger warning: I'm talking body image.

So...this picture has a story attached.

For the longest while I HATED my legs.

At 5'8 I'm taller than the average woman. You could argue it's not THAT tall, but trust me it's freakin' tall when you know I've been this height since I was 12.

I hated it. Not only did I hate my height, I hated how big my thighs were. I hated that I had boobs in primary school. I remember being even 5 years old HATING seeing my legs splat to double the size when I sat down. My dance costumes NEVER FIT ME because they ordered sizes by age (stupid, I know). I was so much bigger than all the other girls and even all the boys for SO LONG. I was super self conscious about it. I remember starting WA in year 7 and these girls in year 10 thought I was in their year...that I was lying about being in year 7. I remember being 12 years old and being told "your son looks just like you" when I picked up my brother from pre-school. I remember my ex telling me that I needed to "work on" my legs because they're getting too jiggly. People's opinions about my body really used to bother me and make me feel bad about myself.

Now I'm in a place where people's opinions of me and my body don't matter. My value as a person isn't attached to the shell that houses my soul. Yeah I have off days, I'm human after all...but I'M SO GRATEFUL that I've done enough inner work and healing to finally be able to say I LOVE MY BODY for all the things it can do and everything it endures and I love taking care of this beautiful vessel that's currently holding all the love and light and gold in my soul.

Our bodies are SO resilient through all the crap we put them through. Imagine what you could do if you actually LOVED your body and your whole self...

Although it took me a long time to get here, I'm glad to be here now and I'm super blessed to be able to support other women to love on themselves FIRST and fully step into their own power. BRB. Got deadlifts to tend do....

Lots of love,


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