"Before I started the Dragged and Drained to Growing and Glowing Program, I was really struggling with self-care. Travel was usually my self-care and that was disrupted because of COVID, plus I was starting my business and there were lots of moving parts. I was really overwhelmed.  For me, the 1:1 coaching sessions were the best part. The check-in voice-notes and messages between sessions were beneficial as well. I always felt listened too. Being able to talk things through with Mikhaila helped me to really process why I was struggling so much.  The sessions were always authentic and relaxed, but I could still tell that we were always working toward my goals.

Now, I’m better at taking care of myself physically and mentally. I feel more able to listen to myself when I know I need a break, and I’ve been able to be more assertive with my time and putting boundaries in place. I’ve definitely gotten more strategic with my time and energy. I don’t get as overwhelmed by things I cannot control. One of my biggest breakthroughs was that taking care of myself is essential to reach my goals.  I have big dreams and if I’m feeling sluggish and unmotivated then they’re not going to work.  Even though I’m not able to travel the way I want right now, Mikhaila helped me to recognize the sensory aspect of a change of scenery that comes with travel. Entrepreneurship can be lonely, and you definitely need balance.  If you’re a young black female entrepreneur like me this program is for you if you’re looking to challenge yourself to grow mentally and physically through wellness."

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"I was really at a point where I was struggling with accepting that I need to take care of myself.  I also was struggling with the ways I needed to be taking care of myself, ways to just sit and listen to myself, and putting myself at the centre. I’m so grateful for this course! I’m in a much better position to take care of myself.  I’m listening to myself more, delving into things that I enjoy and really interest me, and I’m better at sitting with my thoughts and processing everything. I’ve gotten to a spot where I can let emotions in but I don’t let them ruin my whole day or week which isn’t something I could do before.  Now I can tell myself, “Let it in, let me feel it, but this is not going to be all of today or all of this week.” Everything was so helpful, I can’t choose a favourite part.  The calls were really good, the check-ins were really helpful and supportive, I liked that extra resources would be shared in the Facebook group.  The journal prompts were really useful in helping me to process and think through things.  One breakthrough I had when we were talking about relationships was that I needed to focus more on meaningful and deeper connections, rather than the people who make me question myself. Once we put that out there into the universe, things just started aligning.  I had a new mindset and tools to be able to deal with things and get the most out of my relationships. The Dragged and Drained to Growing and Glowing program is perfect for you if you’re ready to change things and make yourself a priority. You’ll definitely get the accountability to make it happen."

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"Historically I have been skeptical of wellness coaches or programmes as there’s a lot of mention of crystals and I found them unrelatable. However Mikhaila’s programme was a breath of fresh air. I could immediately connect to many of the modules - particularly the mindset and relationships modules and found the weekly coaching sessions inspiring and motivating for me to reflect on progress I’d made, have a partner to keep me accountable and grow on my wellness journey. Over the six week programme not only did I notice positive changes in myself but my partner did too, which is a  credit to the awesome programme and coaching on offer. I was genuinely sad at the conclusion of the programme as the weekly touchpoints had become one of the highlights of my week. For anyone who is slightly skeptical of traditional wellness or busy working women who struggle to make time to take care of themselves, I would definitely recommend this programme... it is worth it!"